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Hidden Gems

Survival of the fittest

What does this term even imply. For centuries society has always celebrated the intellectuals or the high achievers. Not for a moment am I denying the importance of intellectuals and highly accomplished people. They are an integral part of society.

However, what I am opposed to is relegating people who are intellectually challenged to the background. Most often they are invisible and worse still discriminated against.

They are not treated as equals by any stretch of imagination and more importantly are treated as second class citizens because they do not contribute to society in the way society values contribution.

In my experience in all the years in special education, I have discovered that these vulnerable people have the most compassion, love and respect for other fellow humans and animals in general.

I think society is doing a huge disservice by marginalizing them and creating more of a rift between them and the neuro typical population. Thereby subjecting them to more mental health issues.

There needs to be a significant change in attitudes and values. inclusion should be practiced across the board instead of just paying lip service to the idea of inclusion.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, self absorbed or compulsive I have and will continue to dedicate my life to uplifting this vulnerable and marginalized population.

I feel society owes it to them because they are as much a part of society as the rest of us.

Yes it is a lot of work and it requires a lot of dedication and commitment but it is important for the world to notice these hidden gems.

Sandhya, Kunal's unapologetic mom

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