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Celebrating Life

Celebrating life…

Most of you reading this know Kunal and his vibrant personality growing up. You are probably aware that things changed dramatically when he was in his late 20’s.

He started to regress and withdraw. He developed anxiety and consequently aggression as his anxiety escalated. He developed significant behavioral issues that I had never witnessed before. His withdrawal and his isolation were heart wrenching because he was always a social butterfly. He would light up a room with his dance moves, he had a great sense of humor and charmed his way through life and peoples hearts. All that changed with a flick of a switch.

Fast forward to the present, Kunal is 38 years old now and has regained some of his endearing personality traits and his skills. The only logical explanation is his physical environment and his physical health that have contributed significantly to his improvement.

A few years ago, during the pandemic to be precise, I chanced upon a wonderful medical regimen that was based on scientific evidence and research. It had all the components that make the human body function like clock work.

The human body comprises of different amino acids, enzymes, proteins etc that follow a synchronous cycle. The nutrition that we derive from processing or breaking down these chemicals is unavailable to the neurodivergent population especially people with down syndrome.

Unfortunately people with down syndrome lack this synchronous biochemistry and also do not make sufficient quantities of all the above ingredients or process them well enough to retain their sense of equilibrium both literally and figuratively.

As a result their neuro transmitters, biochemistry and ecological balance in the body is disturbed leaving them in a constant state of flight or fright.

Kunal was no exception. He was floundering. I can only imagine how he must have felt until a lifeline was thrown to him in the form of the med regimen. It consists of the right amounts of B vitamins, omega 3, luteolin, choline, glutathione, curcumin, lycopene, blueberry extract, polyphenols, alphalipoic acid, probiotics and digestive enzymes to name a few. It was truly life changing to put it mildly.

Often times Kunal was misunderstood as wanting to avoid people or crowds because he was antisocial or depressed. In reality he was developing coping mechanisms because of the sensory overload.

I could not comprehend his behavior patterns. I did not understand his non compliance, defiance and his mood swings.

Finally there was a ray of hope. When Kunal was given the extra supplements that he needed for him to feel like his former self he bounced back and how…

His physical health translated into his mental well being. He continues to be on a gluten and dairy free diet.

The physical environment is another game changer. Thankfully he is with a wonderful family who encourage, motivate and challenge him to reach his potential in a loving and nurturing manner.

Kunal is slowly gaining his confidence and his communication skills are coming back. He is beginning to enjoy things he did in the past and is learning new skills too.

The brain is neuro plastic and Kunal is a testament to that.

We are looking forward to this journey as it unfolds and I am confident that we will make the most of it just like we have done in the past.

Thank you for celebrating Kunal and supporting him through his good days and bad.

A huge shout out to Kunal’s community. I do not need to spell it out. You know who you are.

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